"I am in awe of the way I am divinely expressing my true self love. It is hard work -- the separation/distance from some beliefs, family, friends, etc., was necessary in order to become and continue becoming that which is intended for my higher and greater good. WLGNE has truly given voice and clarity to so many years of learning, growing, avoiding, spectating, procrastinating, etc. ' I am that I am.' I welcome my daily challenges now, as they are put into perspective and I am committed no longer to suffering, but to struggle. I've completed my first reading of WLGNE and am beginning again with highlighter, pens, post its, deep breathing, etc., until I reach the next level of Peace and Power."         -- Shambra Johnson

​​​##### "So yes, I’m back within a month to give this book a separate and distinct compliment. I gave my mother WLGNE to read after a few conversations about religion and its relevance to idea of self efficacy. We often talk about spiritual matters, but the conversation that took place after she read the first chapter was special. She and I are now developing a common language with which we can objectively discuss ideas like 'Empowerment' and 'Optimal living' that are, surprisingly, both dogma-free and truly spiritual. That’s intense. Thanks again for writing this book."  - Michael O'Bryan

"I have highlighted this quote from WLGNE: 'While growing more conscious of your ability to create your own reality, maintain consciousness that you have always created your reality. Approach life with the attitude that you are 100% responsible for everything that happens to you – every person you meet, every choice you make, every experience you have. When you accept responsibility for your life, you enhance your ability to control your reality.' I have highlighted this phrase in this book -- and in my life."       -- Traci Adams

"Eraka Rouzorondu's discussion of her book was a powerful and open invitation to all who are hungry and thirsty for a new way of living. She extended a step-by-step process of transformation, a process that removes the fear and sets you forth on the journey to discover the most remote place in the entire universe: the journey to the center of the SELF. If you are ready to move beyond blaming or complaining about the way things are, to facilitate change in your life and in the world, then you will be richly benefitted. It will absolutely change your life, I guarantee it." -- Dennis L. Waters

"Just began reading When Loving God is Not Enough: Personal Empowerment Through an Expanded Relationship With God. Eraka Rouzorondu continues to challenge us to transcend traditional teachings and reclaim the truth as a powerful tool of restoration, religious affiliations aside. Buy it. Read it. Gift it. Bless yourselves."             - Rhonda Kuykendall Jabari

"I was re-reading certain sections of WLGNE the other day and I honed in on this quote: 'In order to achieve personal empowerment, you cannot just listen to what's being said - you must also become and remain conscious of by whom it is being said and why it is being said.' It reminds me of the times I have heard others blindly agree with things -- either because it was easier or they did not trust in themselves to evaluate and possibly disagree. WLGNE calls for one to be an active member in their own lives. Are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill?      -- Steve Scaduto

"WLGNE came into my life at the right time and has been a valuable aid in my quest to reach ultimate fulfillment of my relationship with The Creator. It was the push I needed to rise past insecurity and challenge myself in my pursuit of actualizing optimal personal power. Simply put, reading your book has fortified my energy to pursue the things in life I believe The Creator has purposed for me. Thank you so much for having the courage to share what The Creator has given you."  - Michael O'Bryan #####


The Impact of "When Loving God is Not Enough"...