About  You

The Devotee characterizes his or her personal relationship with God by a specific chosen religion. Devotees hold fast to the revealed Word of God as conveyed in that religion’s texts and tenets as the only and absolute truth, and they may see no need for any kind of under-standing outside of those parameters. 

The Seeker

is not committed to an inherited or adopted religion. Seekers have visited the temples of other faiths and listened to the words of other religious leaders. They search for a relationship with God that is fluid enough to answer the questions of the Inquirer, yet structured enough to provide the kind of “security” enjoyed by the Devotee. 

The Traveler

will not subscribe to any particular religion, nor submit to any one spiritual ideology. The Traveler’s relationship with God is a personal path of stones from various disciplines, practices, rituals and beliefs...perhaps even developed out of his or her own spiritual needs and creativity. 

.The Spiritual Consciousness Continuum

The Inquirer  


to a specific religion’s texts and tenets, but also questions the text's deeper relevance to personal spiritual development. The Inquirer deepens his or her study of the chosen religion, but will not look outside of that faith for the answers to those questions. 

Whereare you on this continuum?

How did you get there?

why do you stay there?

IS that where you want to be?

do you own your relationship with god?