Vibrations Rising(vR) serves as a resource for those seeking to transform, expand and personalize their relationship with their Creator. vR asserts that, for most people, truly living religious ideals like forgiveness and peace is best achieved by identifying and removing the personal psycho-emotional obstacles that impede optimal spiritual development.

Often religious systems describe "what" should be achieved and "why," but do not provide deeply personal training on "how" to transition from being mostly human to being mostly divine. This is why "loving God" is apparently not enough to end the reigns of greed, hatred, violence and destruction that mark today's reality -- despite the proliferation of religious institutions.

vR uses the philosophical and religious principles and sciences of ancient Egypt 

- historically speaking, the original foundation of the world's dominant religions - informed by advances in psychological and behavioral understanding.  By practically applying the current iterations of Egyptian sciences, such as "New Thought" philosophies and metaphysics, every human being can expand upon any existing faith system (or the absence of any system) to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with God.


...because they all share the same foundation...

Not "Either/Or"...


Eraka Rouzorondu prays in the Holy of Holies,

Temple of Luxor, Aswan, Egypt.